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Cross media is our middle name and we offer the complete range of services for your cross media marketing campaign. Today cross media marketing has been established as a constantly evolving combination of social and visual media and combines pictures that move with moving pictures. At the centre of this is the direct interaction with your core group of existing and potential clients.

We already delved into the world of cross media marketing over ten years ago by combining print and online marketing with mobile technology to create our Interactive Entertainment Platform, long before smartphones and Facebook were part of our daily lives. With the arrival of social media our film department is taking story-telling to next level.

What can cross media do for you?

You now have the means to convey clear messages and engaging content across channels and directly to your clients. This means you are turning simple information into direct communication. That's right: Direct Communication. In the long run a well-planned and innovative cross media marketing campaign, that ideally puts an emphasis on visual media, will not only save you money but also engage your key audience more directly.
In short:

What can we do for you?

We'll help you develop your communication strategy and create your cross media content as well as managing and maintaining your media channels. We are also happy to coach members of your staff. Of course, you can also just book individual services, if you are not interested in a package deal.