Web Design

Does your new website or application still need a functional and aesthetic design? We might just have the right solution for you. If you are looking for a custom designed website that you can call your own, then our website design services are perfect for you. G.O. cross media production will produce a site that you'll be proud of.

All our websites are being designed according to W3C standards and specifications. Contents and layout work separately from one another and remain easily modifiable and future-proof.

If you want to make your contents available to the visually impaired (Screen Reader) or if you need additional readability via print media or mobile communication: we may be holding the solution to keeping your company or product in the Now.

When designing web contents, especially web applications, it could be wise to use JavaScript to offer users options they are used to from other software. Sometimes, though, especially in security-relevant areas, the application of JavaScript is not desirable. G.O. cmp can take these requirements into account and still generate a high-performance usability through the application of CSS and a carefully planned page structure.

Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at the top of your list? It's important that your website works hard for you. Potential clients will search the web for criteria relating to your business and its features. G.O. cross media production ensures that you're one step ahead and can help drive traffic to your website. Our websites are created according to W3C standards and offer the optimal basis for high Google rankings.