Software Developement .net/C#

Gerrit Oehlmann

Gerrit Oehlmann heads our Software Development Department and can look back on years of experience as a developer as well as project coordinator. He manages our pool of international freelancers who are selected for a project based on its individual requirements.
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Our services include:

Opening up a world of opportunities for businesses, the web is increasingly becoming the front runner in many business strategies. With potential exposure to millions upon millions of internet users, businesses can make use of a variety of resources that can easily expand on products or services. Our developers at G.O. cross media production can look back on years of experience working with the web for a range of clients, from local businesses to international business organisations.

We develop high performance .NET-based web applications as well as specialised applications, on a Python basis for example. We bridge the gap between UNIX and Windows and make use of the best of both worlds.

With more than 8000 classes the .NET framework provides a resourceful Object Oriented programming experience, making it possible to build extremely large applications, while still keeping code structured.

Developed specifically for the .NET Framework the programming language C# is our number one choice when it comes to developing reliable .NET applications. Using C# and the .NET Framework we develop Windows applications, XML web services, distributed components, client/server applications as well as database applications. An established standard for Windows programming .NET is helpful in cases where business logistics need to be managed via Windows as well as web applications.

High performance software and data require special hosting environments that can be maintained as central data sets. The use of a collective basis (data base) simplifies the initialisation of data for all platform users and additionally serves as a common basis for efficient data storage measures.

Top performance on a small budget: Thanks to MONO our web applications also work under UNIX. This is good news for users who prefer a stable Linux infrastructure and wish to be independent of Windows.