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Having worked as an actor for many years herself Cedar is the ideal partner when it comes to communicating your skills. Sometimes what we want to communicate, however, differs strongly from what the viewer sees. That's why a thorough consultation and a custom-made scene are vital for professional self-promotion.

Our services include:

The classic videographer service: Show reels for actors. We offer anything from just editing your footage to creating a whole reel with your own individualised scenes. If required, we provide scene partners as well as vocal coaching and acting for the camera training beforehand.

We look back on over fifteen years of experience in teaching and directing and can help you find the best way to promote yourself and your craft in this highly competitive industry.

Additional services include coaching for the international market: Acting for the Camera in German and English with a focus on successful film- and TV auditioning.

We also offer a "Speech Clinic" where you can get rid of your regional or foreign accent. Our language coach Cedar D. Wolf has nearly fifteen years of experience in vocal coaching, both for performers as well as corporate clients.

Before getting started we usually sit down for a consulting session to determine what you need. After a successful profiling we create a selection of scenes for you. You get to choose which ones we will be working with. We can shoot one scene for you as an addition to your website, edit your existing material as a demo reel or create a mix of several scenes. Whatever you need: We offer a full service in English and German.

You can either book individual services or make use of one of our package deals. If you would rather work with a scene partner of your own, you also have the option to share expenses for that respective scene.

If you are living in Germany and currently receiving benefits, you might be eligible for financial aid for your show reel and headshots.