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Film- and Video Production, Service Production, Script Development, Copywriting and Translation Services

Whether you are a filmmaker, a corporate client or simply looking for someone to capture your private event in a professional manner, we offer high-quality craftsmanship, tailored for your individual requirements and available in almost any language. Whatever your visual needs: Regardless of media the quality will be excellent, the pricing will be competitive and deadlines are always met.

But above, our hearts beat for filmmaking: We aim to tell stories that hit a nerve and help to gradually transform society into the kind of community that Erich Fromm has mourned as lost since the industrial revolution.

We can count numerous shorts, as well as web series and features among our projects, some completed and some currently in development. You can find out more about some below and for others you will need to get in touch.

Our Projects


'Insomnambulists' is a short comedy-drama that shows us what happens to people who just can't let go.

Developed via the Joint Stock Method, this experimental comedy was screened at selected international festivals before being made available to a broader audience via Amazon Prime.

It tells the story of Timo, who calls his old cast and crew together to celebrate the completion of the film he'd been editing for 10 years ... and to ask the lot for a favour. Unfortunately, no one is as pleased to see him as he is to see everyone else and things go downhill at phenomenal speed.

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"3 and a half siblings, a record release party, a shady journalist, an anniversary, an accidental death... and a whole bunch of skeletons in the closet."

Razzmatazz tells the story of three siblings who meet up for the first time after 20 years to mark the anniversary of their parents' murder-suicide and when a ruthless reporter tries to blackmail them, things turn bloody fairly quickly.

The film was shot in November/December 2019 and directed by Cedar D. Wolf, with Robbie Anderson serving as DoP. The international cast included Ulrich Faßnacht, Bico LaFrey, Julia Dordel, Todd Hunter and Rita H. Wolf.

The film was funded by nordmedia - Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH.

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Run the World

What if the solution to the climate catastrophe was simple ... just not easy? What if it required a global effort and a shift in society that the mere thought of it might be dizzying? What if the world is not ready for solutions?

This feature length documentary started out by following the exploits a select group of online activists who tackled science deniers on Twitter. The group consisted of people from all walks of life and included scientists, psychologists, educators, data analysts and media specialists. Several individuals stood out, as they chose different paths to tackle what had become an almost unsolvable problem, and gradually they introduced us to other people from the trenches of the battle against alternative facts. When one of the members of the group explained the results of research he and his students had found, it became clear that the experience of women in executive positions was another key piece to a puzzle that became more complex as time went on.

We hear from B, said educator, who found that female empowerment was, in fact, a game changer when it came to tackling the climate crisis on a political and socio-economic level; then there's Andy, who invested the money he received from his late son's life insurance in educational projects, including paying for school fees for primary school girls in Nepal; Chris and Marianna who received death threats for trying to protect the eco system in and around the Rio Grande from the infamous Border Wall Initiative; Daniela who is a German lecturer in post Brexit Britain, fighting for women's rights, and Gerald who issues a stark warning against letting propaganda go unchallenged.

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