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Mobile Communication Based Entertainment Platform - Happy Hopper

Happy Hopper

Applied Technologies:

Happy Hopper is a mobile-communication-based leisure and entertainment platform and makes use of SMService. The latter still has a definite advantage over alternative communication technologies. For instance, an SMS works on any mobile end-user device. This makes user identification without the creation of user accounts and subsequent log-in requirements possible.

Whilst originally realised as an entertainment platform there are multiple optional scenarios. These include SMS-information-services, marketing research and interactive city tours.

Developed as a Client-Server-application, Happy Hopper’s features include the integration of a premium SMS quick dialler provider for incoming texts, evaluation of content, situational sequence control and sending of reply texts.

Information Retrieval Software

Information Retrieval Software

Applied Technologies:

The IR-Software serves as an automated means of collecting, analyse and processing information from the internet.

Distributed software agents / crawlers with a flexible agent administration search specified sources at regular intervals and use the information found to make them available to the user in various forms after having undergone special formatting.

Whether you work in e-commerce, run a real estate platform or simply need to rely on having specific information made readily available to you: Our IR-Software offers a versatile tool that meets those demands.