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Filmmaking is our passion. It all started in English with some short films and the occasional viral. Whilst the production of English-speaking feature films makes sense for any producer who wants to reach a large audience, serial content should have a regional appeal. Which is why most of our serial projects are primarily developed for German audiences. We make an exception for crossmedia and transmedia content, which we develop with a global and multi-lingual audience in mind.

Over the past few years we have managed to gather a dedicated and highly skilled international team of industry professionals who combine their unique personal experience with a passion for filmmaking. On that note, we hope to entertain you.

For our larger projects we collaborate with our British and US colleagues and our smaller projects are realised by a pool of north German professionals who have worked together on a number on fictional and factual films. Our process is inspired by the Joint Stock Theatre's approach.

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The Real Housewives Habenhausen


The Real Housewives of Habenhausen is a scifi-web-comedy set in various towns across the globe, but starting in north German suburbia.

The story revolves around a suburban paradise where still waters run deep and the only person who seems to know what is hiding behind the clean facade is the postman. A large meadow is at the centre of a local dispute between those who welcome the planned housing development, like the architects Birka and Michael Sommer, and those who claim to wish to preserve nature, like the charismatic teacher Alfred Lither. The occasional neighbourly fracas is a mere cover for a deadly confrontation that threatens the fate of the entire planet. Can Thomas, the postman, prevent the impending destruction of the human race?

A teaser trailer for this Scifi-Mystery-Comedy-Web-Soap was filmed in original locations in the Hanseatic City of Bremen on 10th and 11th July 2017. We are currently working on getting financing in place to shoot the first series. Series two will introduce spin-offs in other locations with their own individual storylines.

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Minus x Minus (For Richer or Poorer)

Minus x Minus

"It is 1998 and while Gerhard Schröder and Helmuth Kohl are busy campaigning, a professional daughter and a blocked artist's paths keep crossing. After yet another fight with her father our heroine decides to have a cup of tea with our street-performing hero, only to wake up in Denmark married to said street performer two days later.

When the two meet their respective in-laws, things start going downhill at phenomenal speed."

Originally developed as a sitcom, the comedic short 'Minus x Minus' completed photography in March 2015 and will be developed further as a regular series once it has completed its festical run. It was realised by Cedar D. Wolf (Director) and Björn Kurtenbach (Director of Photography) and its main cast included Simon Kase, Vivienne Kaarow, Birgit Corinna Lange and Ulrich Faßnacht.

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Synchronize is a short drama that lets us join two men as they go through their last moments together over and over again. Stuck in a vicious cycle of emotional blackmail and vindictiveness they are caught up in a spiral of destructiveness that can only be overcome by compassion.

The film explores the concept of hell as a metaphor for destructive relationships and the impact of personal choices on our capacity for love.

Starring Christian Bourne as 'Jay' and Simon Kase as 'Jamie' the film was directed by Cedar D. Wolf in January 2015 with Thomas Loos serving as DoP. The film premiered at the 3rd Filmfest Bremen in September 2017.

Somewhere Beyond the Sea


The horror comedy Somewhere Beyond the Sea has everything you need: Action, strong female leads, a disctinctly northern humour, a cruise ship and a zombie apocalypse.

This new series introduces a recently-divorced ship's doctor and her adolescent daughter, an cynical old captain and an Iraqi chief steward with a shady past who have to fight for survival together after an elderly passenger, who beat cancer thanks to a miracle cure, suddenly drops dead only to wake up as a zombie. This marks the start for a race against time: Whilst the doctor and the steward manage to develop a vaccine before it is too late to save the ship? Can this mismatched group of survivors prevent the collapse of society as we know it?