Translation Services

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Not only do we provide in-house services to meet your German and English translation deadlines, but we can also fall back on our international pool of experienced industry professionals. Our freelancers include electrical and post production staff as well as multilingual translators, voice over artists and copywriters.

We look back on over fifteen years of experience in copywriting as well as script development and can help you find the best way to promote yourself and your services in this highly competitive industry.

We are the place to go when a pressing deadline needs to be met and our returning clients have often taken advantage of our 24 hours solutions when it comes to translations. As soon as third parties need to be involved, delivery dates may vary.

Services in other languages

All translation as well as editing services are also being offered in other European languages. We will fall back on our pool of freelance translators with a background in creative writing.


We understand that there are confidentiality risks associated with submitting unpublished work and the need to protect your organisation's know-how. Our privacy policy guarantees 100% confidentiality and know-how protection, allowing organisations to entrust their work to us with complete confidence. We make all our employees and contractors sign confidentiality agreements and they are instructed not to make any client information available to anyone outside their department, unless directly requested in writing by the client. Your work will only be viewed by your POC and the script editors working on your project. We will, of course, also sign a confidentiality agreement with you before you submit your files to us. You can either make use of our confidentiality agreement or provide your own confidentiality agreement.