Our Crew

Our pool of creatives has grown to a considerable network since we first started out and we regularly collaborate with media professionals from all levels of production and from all over the world.
... and if we all put our heads together we can cover all aspects of media design, film production, marketing and script development.

Local Talent

It is our goal to cover all aspects of production with as many trusted local freelancers as possible.

International Talent

For additional roles that cannot be filled locally or for co-productions we fall back on long-term partners from the US, the UK and Japan as well as Eastern Europe.

Our Regular Crew

Christian Bourne

Christian Bourne has been a Production Sound Mixer & Recordist for nearly twenty years and has been fortunate enough to work on big budget feature films including 'Troy' and 'The Da Vinci Code', as well as TV dramas, documentaries and commercials. Christian works both in Germany and the UK and his background in acting makes him a perfect partner for international film production. Christian is the 2019 Cinema Audio Society Award WINNER for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing for 'Fleabag: Episode 6'.

Michael Brandt

Michael Brandt is our go-to guy when it comes to ICT-related questions. Educated in Bremen and Emden, Michael has been working as an admin and consultant for the past twenty years as well as having worked as a teacher for ICT at a local secondary school.

Peter Clotten

Peter Clotten is a seasoned equine expert who not only spends the majority of his time with horses, but also enjoys writing about them just as much in his work as an author. Since the1980s, he has travelled extensively, interviewed world-famous horse trainers, and observed wild mustangs for various book projects (including Raising Stallions, 2008, The Last Mustang, 2009). Born in 1955, Peter got swept up in the upheaval of the late 1960s, that left a lasting mark on him, shaped his ideals hat and whose aesthetic aspirations have stayed with him to this day.

Julia Brandt

Julia Brandt is a Bremen-based production coordinator who has also assisted us in the research for our documentary TROLL SLAYERS. Julia specialises in handling the logistics of a production and negotiating with third party service providers.

Bico LaFrey

Bico LaFrey is a freelance writer, director and and casting director with a base in Bremen, Germany. She has directed a number of short films as well as having supported our casting department in several of our recent productions. Bico usually takes care of our young talent on set and during the casting process.

    Production and Script Development

    Cedar D. Wolf was educated at The Lee Strasberg Studio (later known as the Method Studio) as well as the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Pasadena, CA. In addition to writing and directing, Cedar ran the 'Shakespeare for Dummies' TIE programme and worked in fringe theatre before turning her attention to film in 2009. Her works include numerous stage plays as well as several screenplays. She directed several shorts that were shown at a number of international festivals. Her feature debut 'Razzmatazz' premiered at the Film Fest Bremen and was subsequently screened at festivals from Ukraine to North America, winning numerous awards. Cedar is a member of WIFT Germany, the Film & Medienbüro Niedersachsen as well as the Actors Society, and served as a board member for Filmbüro Bremen e.V. until relocating to Wolfsburg in 2021.